Saturday, January 24, 2009

where's the light?

i took a shower in complete darkness today.
it was kinda weird, but cool at the same time.

it helped me think... about everything.

it's like... just when you think everything in your life is crashing down
and you stand there with the tears running down your face
mixed with the water of the shower
and the steam around your face

it hits you

the heat of the water pounding down on you
each drop is like a tear; shed by someone you know...
the person you never talk to
or the person you talk to every day.

you realize that there are so many people out there
who have it so much worse than you
and their lives are day-in and day-out suffering.

and all you can ask is

if these people are stuck in such a darkness,
why can't we just turn on the light?

it's because no matter how bright the light shines on situations of suffering
there's always going to be a shadow of pain.

and that is one thing that can never, ever be altered.

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