Thursday, January 29, 2009

i am what i am.

so i was thinking about this blogging business the other day, and i realized that it's supposed to be about me... about MY LIFE.
and then it hit me that i never discussed one of the biggest parts of my life:

the jonas brothers.

yeah yeah, laugh all you want, see if i care.
those three boys mean so much to me.
i've got all 3 albums, i know the words to 61 songs, i've been to 5 concerts, i've been at 1 m&g, and i'm in 1 music video.

shit man. i don't want this to sound like i'm bragging whatsoever, because trust me... if i wanted to brag, this is what i'd probably say to any jonas fan i've ever met.
honestly, i keep it on the down low... i mean, it's not that i'm embarrassed in any way of kevin, joe, and nick, it's just... this is something really personal for me.

it's just one of those things that i keep deep inside of me and let it out when i feel necessary.

i'm always going to love these three boys and their music, even if they start hating the fans again, let the fame get to their heads, and even if the music isn't that fantastic.
because there's something about them (suggest looks and i'll hurt you) that keeps me hanging on to them... i've known about them for real since july 17th, 2007 and i couldn't be happier to have found out.

i'll never be ashamed to say that they've changed my life.
i'll never be afraid to say that i've screamed, cried, laughed, and gotten hurt because of them.
i'll never be offended by people who don't like them.
i'll never be scared to tell my kids one day of the three boys that overtook my walls, life, mind, and heart.

i'll never be fearful of stating that because of them...

i am what i am.

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