Wednesday, January 7, 2009

dear jeff:

during physics today, i couldn't concentrate.

i was thinking about you the whole time.

i stared at your picture on my assignment notebook, and my heart sank.

i miss you.

it'll be one month this sunday since you left us, and i don't want to believe it.

your family was over on saturday to celebrate our malewig christmas--as always.

it obviously wasn't the same.

what was eight is now seven, and what was four is now three.

it hurts, jeff... living without you.

you and scott may be my cousins, but i'll always consider you my other two older brothers.

for now i'm going to have to hold on to the memories we made growing up...

and to fight back tears when we take our first chicago trip without you this year.

you're always on my mind jeff, and i'll never forget you.


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