Sunday, April 12, 2009

well then.

that sure was an interesting weekend.

friday was jeffrey's 18th birthday. rough, to say the least. my mind kept wandering no matter where i was. all i know is that he'll always be a year older than me, and if someone tells me different, they can suck it.
my brother, my cousin scott, and my aunt and uncle all got tatoos for him. i'm very jealous to say the least. i've always hated tatoos to be honest... but there was really something here that was just pulling me into it. my mother decided that there was no way in hell i was getting one. maybe when i turn 18 i will, who knows.

saturday was intense. i had a double header in the morning, and i actually played!$^*# it was fantastic to get out there. i only had one at bat, and i cranked the ball right back at the pitcher, but she caught it. it felt so good. then i had to rush home to get ready for ap tour. i changed in less than three minutes hahaha. then i drove pretty much 85 all the way there, and we missed a rocket to the moon and about half of hit the lights. not bad if i have to say so myself.. even though i was dying to see htl... :/. but it's okay cause family force 5 kicked everyone's ass times a thousand and i was super pumped that i saw them. still am.

and then today is easter. went to church, then had peopel over all day, they just left about a half hour ago. good times.
it's also my lucky number 7. :)

this was pretty much a really lame recollection of my weekend... but i felt like writing it.

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