Saturday, March 14, 2009

sweet disaster.

i hate those days when your mind is just full-out contemplative.
about pretty much everything.
you can never be fully at rest with how you feel or what you're doing because your head gets overcrowded with what ifs and maybes.

easing into things has never been good for me.
because i always wait too long.
i'm not one to jump right into something either.
there's just something with me that just has to do things at a slow pace that moves just fast enough.

it just adds to my problem with being a perfectionist.
but lately i've been starting to let go; let go of things that are only causing me stress.
it's gonna be a long road until i get far enough to say that i'm gonna be completely alright...
but it's good to know that the worst year of my life is almost 4 months away from me.

i'm lost in my own mind and i wanna know where i'm goin' next.

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