Wednesday, February 11, 2009

screw facebook!

i was looking at all those "25 things" notes that everyone wrote, and i thought about doing it... but then i never did.
and i don't wanna do it on facebook anymore, so i'm gonna do it on here :)

1. i don't have a definite style of clothing, whatsoever... i just like colors and even if i don't think some things will go together well, i'll do it anyway, i love experimenting.

2. i tell people how much my brother annoys me and how i like it better when he's not home; but i know it's not completely true. i miss him all the time.

3. my family is really important to me. i've got a pretty big extended family because my dad used to be 1 of 10 kids, and well, we're all together a lot. but pretty much i only have about 5 cousins that i'm really close to out of all my... literally 50-ish. and i still miss jeffrey every day. (2 months gone today <3)

4. i hate my hair. everyone thinks they want curly hair, but i tell them no. i hate my curls and they frustrate me so much, which is why i only asked for a straightener for christmas.

5. i love coloring. and construction paper. and glitter. and pretty much any type of arts and crafts. i've always been artsy and such in random ways, and i want to work and michael's or hobby lobby sooooo baddddd.

6. i chew my gum really obnoxiously. i can't help it, so please don't get annoyed of me... i mean, i like chewing gum and everything, but i just know how much people hate it when i chew like a cow. i apologize in advance.

7. i use excess amounts of the following: ketchup, mayonnaise, peanut butter, and salad dressing. you can tell me how gross it is every single time, and i'll tell you too bad every time too.

8. i'm so lucky to be hitting 5 months tomorrow. my guy is really sweet, and he makes me smile every single day. he really means a lot to me. <3

9. i used to be die-hard sports and athletics in general, but i tore my acl in 8th grade and i still haven't recovered from it fully. that might be why you see me limping sometimes or complaining about knee pain... but now i'm all about softball. (please don't call me a man, it gets old reaaaaal fast. )

10. i don't like school too much anymore. i've lost so much will power since right before winter break, and i feel like life needs to be lived because you don't know when it's going to end... so i don't like the idea of homework anymore.

11. i'm not a hermit that sits in my house and listens to and stalks the jonas brothers all day, so i'd appreciate it if people didn't think i was a crazed fan... thank you.

12. i love videogames. i grew up around all boys, so that's where i learned it all. i've got my n64 still hooked up at my house, so hit me up and we can play the classics like mario kart and mario partyyyy.

13. i love my friends. i'm so lucky to have all of them, really. without them i don't think i'd have any idea who i was.

14. my mom worked at my grade school, and i got so many special priveleges. it's really unfair but now that i look back on it, without that i would have died in that shithole of a catholic institution.

15. i only swear when i get really frustrated with whatever i'm talking about. or when i get really excited. and if i am swearing, you'll be able to tell if it's the mad type or the excited one hahahaha.

16. i'm such a perfectionist. i'm trying to get better, but when i have to do a project or something, i get crazy. i'll always be a stressed out mess and i'll go over everything like 4 times more than i need to.

17. i'm also a huge procrastinator. like right now i'm supposed to be working on a sociology project and reading the grapes of wrath. obviously i am doing neither. bad choice.

18. i love fire. i'm always playing with it and burning things. my mom has realized that she can't leave me alone with a candle anymore.

19. i don't regret anything i've done, because there's no reason to constantly think about the past instead of moving ahead into the future.

20. i'm obsessed with harry potter. full out. i love everything about all the books and i know most of the words to all the movies. me and my friend have a marathon of all the movies before we go to see the new ones, it's awesome.

21. i hate being sad, but it consumes most of my time.

22. i'm a huge pessimist in most cases, so please bear with me... i can't fight it.

23. i am a cubs/cardinals fan, and the sox can go suck a dick. :P who cares how much you win, it's more about the pride and the love of the game in my eyes.

24. i hate when people talk about me behind my back. i think it's shallow. it proves that you don't have the guts to say it to my face either, making you a scared little bitch, ususally. i especially hate when it has something to do with the relationships i have with my friends though... that bugs me so much. and i SWEAR if another person says that they think my boyfriend is going to cheat on me with my best friend, i'll shank them. give it up, if i can't trust those two, who can i trust? grrr...

25. i've realized that i don't ever want to be "popular" again, by any means whatsoever. i'd rather just live my life being myself and having as much fun as i can, instead of knowing the most people i can. i don't know, i find it more rewarding to get excited about the things i want to get excited about, instead of always restraining myself like i used to... and it's stupid i know, but i've realized that there are some days when i actually do miss my old best friends.

there it is, 25 random facts about yours truly.
get to know me though, there are only so many things you can say through a computer screen.

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